Danny Clark, LCSW

Texas Insight Center

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.”

— rumi
A portrait of Danny Clark, LCSW in his office located near the Rice Village in Houston TX

Being a social worker

I’m Danny, and I’m all about helping people feel better while becoming the best version of themselves.

Starting therapy can be super scary—I totally get that. With everything we see on TV and in books about therapy, it’s no wonder people get nervous. You are sharing important parts of your life with me and I don’t take that job lightly. I have two primary objectives when working with my clients, upholding the ethical standards of my profession and building trust. Your privacy and confidentiality are at the core of these objectives. Therefore, what we talk about in our sessions is between you and me.

Native Texan

I have a deep love for the great state of Texas—it’s always been my home. With family sprinkled across the state, I’ve had the joy of exploring vibrant cities from San Antonio to Austin, and Corpus Christi to Fredericksburg. What I adore most about Texas are its mouth-watering BBQ, thriving arts scene, and the natural beauty of its state parks. While I’ve witnessed Texas expanding and evolving, I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Houston, where I’ve watched my own family flourish and grow.

An image taken by Danny Clark of the Prada storefront in Marfa Texas.  Copyright - Danny Clark

An image taken by Danny Clark of the road to Marfa Texas.  Copyright - Danny Clark

Connecting the Dots

Vocationally I have worked in a lot of different roles and a lot of different places. Originally I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Houston College of Business. This was way back when the internet was the “new new thing.” After school, I designed websites, integrated business intelligence systems and managed data warehouse projects

Eventually, I moved on and began to pursue another passion for creativity by starting my own photography studio with my family. We loved being a small business and it was always challenging. My proudest work was being a part of starting a program in Houston called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This was a free service I and a bunch of other photographers provided to families with children who died in the hospital. It was really tough work but I learned a lot about grief, love, and human nature. This experience is what eventually led me to close my studio after 12 years to pursue a master’s degree in social work.

While working on my master’s degree, I was lucky enough to complete two clinical internships, one with Bo’s Place, a bereavement center in Houston, and the other with Jewish Family Service providing grief therapy where I stayed after graduation and completed my clinical supervision. These two opportunities taught me a lot about being a qualified grief and play therapist.

Forever Learner

When I am not seeing clients I am probably reading or writing.

Last summer I decided to join nine other incredible people on the start of a PhD journey at Baylor University Diana R Garland School of Social Work. One of my favorite things about my job is that it is grounded in research. During my master’s program, I loved my research classes and had an opportunity to work on a number of projects with strong publications. My research focus is on family function and digital wellness. One specific topic I am currently researching is a phenomenon called “phubbing” or “technoference.” These are terms that describe the distraction from digital technology during interactions. If you want to know more about this please check out my blog.

An image of Baylor University Diana R Garland School of Social Work

An image of the waiting room at Texas insight center in Houston Texas near West University and Bellaire

Texas Insight Center

I started the Texas Insight Center with a simple goal: Provide the best evidence-based therapy and counseling to adults, children, and families across the state of Texas.

Play Therapy

In my Houston office, I have a dedicated play therapy room with plenty of space to get creative, process tough subjects, and play plenty of games.

I am a trained play therapist and my focus is on children’s grief, anxiety, emotional and behavioral regulation, ADHD, and trauma. While I have a transtheoretical approach, I would be considered an Adlerian Play Therapist. It’s a pretty hands-on kind of therapy where kids get to use toys, art, drama, puppets, and even role-play to express themselves and work through stuff. This approach mixes Adler’s big ideas—like how people always aim for goals and get creative to fit in with others.

An image of the play room in Danny Clark's office near the Greenway plaza on Kriby Dr.

A image of the adult therapy room in Houston at the Texas Insight Center located to 5331 Kirby Dr.

Adult Therapy

Whether you are troubled with anxiety or depression, a lot of what influences our emotions is historical. I specialize in helping adults work through childhood trauma, unresolved grief and relationship challenges. I primarily use a brief psychodynamic approach but also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Reality therapy.

Online Therapy

I provide therapy in my Houston office and all over the state of Texas.

Telehealth has become a real blessing for many people. For those who can’t get to my office or are living in another city around Texas, online therapy is a great alternative. As long as you are in Texas, I can help. There are some special considerations when working online and I have provided hundreds of sessions online. If you want to learn more about online therapy complete the form below and we can see what works best.

A portrait of Danny Clark, LCSW at a computer in his office located in Houston Texas

Let’s chat

If you want to learn more about my practice, my experience, or even research, complete the form and let me know what you want to discuss. I am happy to answer questions.