Family Therapy in Houston

Danny Clark, LCSW

Taking the leap into therapy is a pivotal move.

As a parent, you’ve exhausted your resources to aid your child in their challenges. Or, you’ve navigated numerous avenues seeking relief from your own distress. It might be that your relationship needs rejuvenation to regain the warmth and bond you once cherished.

Hello, my name is Danny Clark, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who can equip you with tools and solutions to lighten your load. I provide a safe, nurturing environment tailored to help your family grow.

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An image of a dad and two daughters on the floor . What is family therapy?

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy, often called family counseling or systemic therapy, focuses on the relationships within families and other closely-knit groups. It offers a safe space for members to express feelings, resolve conflicts, and enhance communication. By examining family dynamics and patterns, Danny helps families foster better relationships and understand individual members’ needs.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

I like to watch sports, so I will explain this in terms that might help.

Imagine your family as a team playing a sport. Now, if one player is having trouble, it can affect the whole team’s performance. Sometimes, it’s not just about helping that one player but ensuring the entire team understands and supports each other better.

Family therapy is like bringing in a coach who helps the whole team play better together. This ‘coach’ will guide your family in talking, understanding each other’s feelings, and solving problems. It’s about learning to work well together, communicate better, and help each member be their best self.

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I can appreciate the need to find a therapist you really like. I mean, honestly, I do the same thing when I hire a therapist myself (yes, any good therapist goes to therapy). You might have a lot of questions or want to find out if therapy is even appropriate for you. I am happy to discuss therapy, what my process is and if it is even appropriate. One thing important to know about me is that I am always transparent, and if therapy isn’t right or I am not the person best for you, I will provide recommendations. If you want to meet, just fill out the form below, and we can chat.

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