Child, Tween and Teen therapy in Houston at Texas Insight Center near Rice Village with Danny Clark, LCSW

Child and Teen Therapy

Danny Clark, LCSW

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Child and Teen Therapy.

Being a parent and seeing your child go through tough times is one of the most challenging experiences. For instance, a child might be having frequent meltdowns or always seem anxious or down. This can really wear parents out, making them feel powerless and drained. Plus, when a child is constantly struggling, it affects the entire family’s dynamic, turning home into a tense environment instead of the calming haven it should be. Danny provides child and teen therapy for kids from toddlers to 18.

Therapy with Danny Clark, LCSW

As a parent myself, I can appreciate the decision to seek therapy. Before a child has turned 18, they have transitioned from elementary to middle and middle to high school. These are challenging times that are exciting and scary (especially for parents).

My approach to working with kids is to be creative and playful while taking the outside world and looking at it differently in the therapy room. I provide therapy in person at my Houston office and online all over Texas for teens and tweens.

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Therapy for Tweens and Teens

The tween and teen years have always been a period of new experiences and increased independence. However, they also bring about a set of unique challenges. Behavior is often amplified by the hormonal changes they’re going through and the conflicts they might have with authority figures.

Teens are constantly trying to find out who they are, while also figuring out their place in new social settings. Nowadays, social media and internet use have added another layer to this. They’ve reshaped how teenagers interact and socialize, which can sometimes lead to increased stress and anxiety for them, especially when they’re in social situations. The digital world, while offering many advantages, has also made it challenging for them to form genuine, positive connections with others.

Child Play Therapy

Play therapy is really special because it’s tailored for young kids. You know how children naturally communicate through play? Play therapy taps into that. It gives them a chance to express their emotions, build their self-esteem, and develop coping skills. On top of that, it’s a safe space where they can learn about responsibility, decision-making, and self-control in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating.

Play therapy is a powerful tool for helping kids cope with stress and regulate their emotions. When children engage in play, they often recreate scenarios, both real and imagined. By doing this, they’re able to process and make sense of their experiences. In the therapeutic setting, a trained therapist can guide this play, helping the child explore and express their feelings in a safe environment.

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